Outfit Wars: Banana Republic sleeveless blouse

I bought a Banana Republic sleeveless, blue-striped blouse on sale in Petite XS. I really love how versatile this shirt is. I could pretty much match it with anything in my closet, whether it be casual or business casual. In this segment, I went to go eat with a friend of mine, and I wanted to try on my new blouse. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to wear it, but I really wanted to accentuate the piece.

Style 1: Pastel + Blue

Banana Republic blouse; H&M skirt; Nine West heels; Forever XXI belt & sunglasses

I would have to describe this style as preppy with a touch of feminine.

I wanted the colors to contrast from each other, and normally, blue and red are great contrasts; but since these colors are lighter, they are able to complement each other. I don’t have much belts, and I really wanted to pair this outfit with a different belt; but this brown belt matched as a great divider to both colors. Sometimes browns work really well, and it can play off as a “basic color” like nudes, whites and blacks.

The nude shoes goes with anything, and it helps elongate the look of my legs. I’m already short enough, so I wanted to seem a lot taller. I would have loved to pair these with dark brown boots to give it more of a “seasonal fall” look; but, I currently (for now) don’t own any.

For now, I categorize this as “casual”, because although some might want to call this “business casual”, I feel it is a bit too casual for the workplace. I’m conservative when it comes to business casual, so blouses with no sleeves automatically goes into a non-business casual category.

Style 2: Blue + Red

Banana Republic blouse; H&M pants; Aldo Accessories sandals; Francesca’s necklace

Although the Pastel + Blue outfit worked out well, I wasn’t really feeling it, so I quickly changed into this Blue + Red combination. I believe that these two contrasting colors accentuates each other.

With this outfit, I liked the option of using little accessories. For me, I tend to make my accessories simple, because the more of it looks a bit too cluttered.  This outfit could have been paired with heels, but I opted for sandals; because I wanted to make it more casual. Brown works well with red and blue.

Trick of the day: I learned that if you have horizontal stripes, it makes your body look wider. I’ve had this problem in the past, so I try to stick to vertical stripes. I also prefer thin vertical stripes over wider ones, because the latter can look a bit off.

Closer image of the outfit. Please excuse my awkward stance.

About Abby

Dorky 20-something trying to live life vivaciously one day at a time. I am in love with my boyfriend of (almost) 8 years and my 2 furbabies (papillon, papillon mix). Read my blog to see how I live in this crazy world of ours!
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2 Responses to Outfit Wars: Banana Republic sleeveless blouse

  1. objessed says:

    This is a great shirt to go from day to night! I could see myself wearing the shirt/skirt to work with a cardigan, then bringing the pants to change into for a happy hour or dinner! Thanks for sharing! Heading over to the banana republic website to purchase now!!

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