DIY Household Tips from Pinterest

I was on a cleaning frenzy two days ago, because I really wanted this apartment to be clean by the time work started (next Wednesday). Therefore, I looked to Pinterest to help me find some great (and easy) cleaning tips that would make cleaning the dirt and grime around the apartment bearable. Along the way, I found some that worked and some that didn’t.

1. Vinegar on shower head to get grime off.

Materials: (1) plastic bag; (1) distilled white vinegar; (1) rubber band/plastic tie

Directions: Put vinegar in plastic bag. Wrap plastic bag on shower head and tie it with a rubber band.

My shower head is a lot wider than most, so this one was a bit tricky for me as far as wrapping plastic over it. I tied the rubber band around the bag, but the vinegar wasn’t able to fully cover all of it; therefore, I had to tighten the bag more and clipped it with a chip clip. Immediately, I saw results. There were tiny little bits of gunk coming off from the shower head. I realized the next day we never really had much build-up to begin with, but it felt good to know that this was something I could go to.

Notice my chip clip?

Note: Let water run for awhile to get the vinegar out, and wash the exterior of shower head to clean it from the vinegar.

The only problem I had with this was that vinegar wreaked in the bathroom. This may be due to my vinegar spill when I had problems with wrapping the bag around the shower head, but I think even without the spill, it would’ve smelled anyway. The scent stayed for a lot longer than I wanted (a couple of hours; left the door open).

I don’t mind the smell of vinegar, because I’m actually a big fan of it; but, if you’re not a vinegar person, I would recommend lemon. The acid is what helps make the residue leave the shower head. It won’t affect the metal. I’m sure this is a better option, but vinegar is cheaper.


2. Heat water and vinegar in microwave to get the grease to come off.

Materials: (1) water; (2) distilled white vinegar; (3) microwavable bowl 

Directions: Mix water and vinegar in the bowl. Put in microwave for 5 minutes to heat. The steam will make the grease and gunk easier to wipe off. Wipe off with paper towel or cloth.

Instead of a bowl, I used a microwavable measuring cup. This should not affect the outcome. So, after applying this in the microwave, I used a paper towel to wipe the gunk off in the microwave. It turns out, nothing came off! I rubbed harder, and it still wouldn’t budge.

I figured this was a misleading tip on Pinterest, because it received so many pins and likes with comments claiming “this works!”. I’ve come to the realization that I doubt anyone really did try this, and they just went pin crazy. I wish people did research and not mislead others, because this only brought clutter to my Board.


3. Borax on bathtub to get rid of dirt

Materials: (1) Borax; (2) scrub bristles

Directions: Sprinkle Borax all over the bathtub. Lightly wet the tub or bristles and scrub.

I think the only time I heard of Borax was when I was trying to find something that would help me with a flea infestation during college. That year had the worst flea infestation, and I was getting desperate. Instead of Borax, I ended up grabbing some Diatomaceous Earth, and it worked like magic.

Little would I know that Borax would actually come into play a few years later. Borax can easily be found in any grocery store that sells laundry materials. I bought mine at Target for about $5 or so. I was surprised at the price tag, because it was a huge box! Seeing a cheap price for an item that can be used for many things made me very excited to see how good it would work.

I followed the directions and scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed! (Note: I did not have bristles, so I used a regular hard sponge). The nasty dirt that lived on the bottom of my bathtub was wiped away immediately! I was so shocked to see how great the results were, especially when I know that the sponge was less effective than if I had used bristles.

Please excuse the nastiness that is our bathtub.

This stuff saved me so much time! I used to use Soft Scrub, and it always took me forever to clean out the bathtub! Plus, my feet would be in contact with some harsh chemicals, because I squat when I clean the tub (it’s really hard to reach if I’m not inside the tub). Soft Scrub is also expensive for a small bottle. I didn’t have to use much Borax for this, so I know that box will last me for a long time.


– – – – – – – –


Don’t always believe the hype on Pinterest, unless you try it yourself! I feel that some tips are a hit and miss; while other tips are just there for advertisement purposes. It bothers me that people “claim” these tips work, when it just wastes your time.

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