Wedding Fever

Seeing all these weddings come up has made me start to look into my own future plans. I’ve always pinned wedding posts on Pinterest, but I’ve never taken it seriously…until now. All I need is a ring and money, and I’m good to go! To paint a picture on how serious I’ve become, I have two Excel wedding spreadsheets that’s color-coordinated and categorized to the T. It sounds a bit much, but my boyfriend has been quite supportive; so, his approval has been fueling my obsessions.

I already have all these great ideas swirling in my head, and I’ve become quite obsessed with details. Details, details, details! I can only imagine what real brides are going through, because at times, I feel a bit overwhelmed just thinking about how to execute certain tasks. Nonetheless, I’m quite excited for our future!

Maybe next year will be my year, or maybe he’ll wait until our 10 year mark.
2015, are you the one? If so, is there even a point for planning all this if I’m to be engaged far into the future? I feel it would be a bit fruitless, especially if there are specials going on…………………Thoughts?

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Dorky 20-something trying to live life vivaciously one day at a time. I am in love with my boyfriend of (almost) 8 years and my 2 furbabies (papillon, papillon mix). Read my blog to see how I live in this crazy world of ours!
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1 Response to Wedding Fever

  1. gotthebeautybug says:

    This is cute, I’m also getting married soon! Would love it if you could check out my blog 🙂

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