How to quickly raise your level in Ni no Kuni using Toko

I’m at a point in the game where I feel like I’m not able to fight any of the monsters prior to boss level fight in Glittering Grotto. I believe that if you’re at that point, there’s no way that you can beat the boss. Therefore, I’ve been leveling up like crazy before I continue on my quest to nab the remaining 2 stones (already beat the Vault of Tears level). I’ve never had to really put my story on hiatus by making myself level up my characters, until now. I don’t mind, but I’m way too curious to see what will happen next.

Swan Island via                                              (Ugly Duckling Island is to the south of Swan Island)

It wasn’t until I came upon the Ugly Duck Island (located in Swan Island — top island of the map) that I found out how you can easily level up by defeating Toko. There are two ways to get to this island: using your ship or Tengri the dragon. Use Tengri to get there faster, since you might encounter water familiars when using the ship (ship’s way too slow for me, even after I upgraded the speed).

Toko is rare to find, so you have to walk around for awhile and fight a few monsters before he pops up. He will either pop up himself on the screen, or he may be found with other familiars. When you defeat a Toko, you gain about 2,000EXP points. Cray! I began to focus on battling this guy, and at the beginning, all my characters would level up like crazy. Now, at level 40 (main characters), it takes me about 2 Tokos to level up. I must also point out that it really doesn’t take much to beat this guy, especially when your characters are in the mid-30s level.

Eventually, I was able to catch a Toko and make it my familiarTo make it your familiar, I believe the trick is to just keep fighting as many Tokos as you can. Eventually, one of them will cave in. I normally use Attack rather than my more powerful Magical Attacks, because I don’t want to kill it right away. When opportunity hits, I put all my characters on All Defense (refer to my post “Controlling your party during battle in Ni no Kuni) and Serenade immediately (if opposing familiars are still there, make sure Esther’s HP is high, because they will attack you).

Note: The reason why I use All Defense is due to the fact that I once had a problem catching a familiar. I immediately switched to Esther after having fought a familiar that “loved” me and Mite (Oliver’s main familiar) killed it off. 

Important: When you attack the Toko, make sure you solely focus your character on it, because it has a tendency to run away and disappear in the middle of battle (making your efforts of finding it fruitless). If Toko starts to back up, it’s probably trying to run away. Let your party take care of the other familiars (use All Attack, triangle button).

You must be very patient to have this opportunity. Don’t give up!

Toko in the middle via SirLancelot PSN @ Youtube

Toko is REALLY hard to level up. I feel like to level Toko up, you need to fight a bunch of Tokos or gain EXP from boss level fights. Since I don’t feel ready to take on a boss, I’m just going to keep finding all the Tokos.  According, it takes at least 13,000EXP to level a Toko from Level 1 to 2 (yikes!).

Second Note: Sneak up on a Toko when you see them on the Map. Tokos will run away and eventually disappear if you don’t reach them in time. My trick is to find a way to corner or quickly sneak up on them. Some Tokos are part of the party of another familiar; therefore, just because you don’t see a Toko on screen doesn’t mean he might not be there.

Ni no Kuni fans, do you have any tips on capturing and leveling up a Toko?
I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.

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